Unfair GOLDCAR – Czuję się oszukany przez GOLDCAR

How to make your holidays a nightmare?! Just rent a car via GOLDCAR company!

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How to make your holidays a nightmare?!

My story with GOLDCAR

Were you ripped off by GOLDCAR rentals? That is what you can do!

How GOLDCAR can rip you off?


My story

I rented a car in GOLDCAR company via the Internet 7/6/2017 (reservation no. 11XXXXXX).

GOLDCAR or, if you prefer, RHODIUM (clone) is probably a Spanish company, acting as a car rental company throughout Europe. I write „probably” because on the site it is difficult to find any company data, traditional address, telephone number, which is not a hotline, Tax Identification Number, composition of the board, etc. A certificate appears there. I wrote to the Spanish company Aenor (info [at] aenor.com). If you also feel cheated, write to this company as well.

According to Googel, the company was founded in 1985. According to Infocit, the company was founded in 1988 and employs over 600 employees 1. From December 19, 2017, Goldcar Spain S.L. operates as a subsidiary of Europcar Groupe SA 2.

Here is probably the headquarters of this company:

Goldcar Spain S.L.
Carretera Nacional- 332 (Alicante-Valencia), KM 115 (CM DEL CAMPET. ED GOLDCAR), Sant Joan D’alacant, 03550, Alicante, Valencia 3.

CIF no: B03403169
e-mail: info [at] goldcar.es
fax 4: +34 965 68 91 47
telephone: +34 965 68 33 62
Juan Alcaraz – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Fernando Villar – Managing Director

Check-out in Bari, Italy

The GOLDCAR office in Bari in the Apulia region of Italy is located at Parkinggo, Viale Europa, 2/10. About 20 minutes on foot from the international airport named after Karol Wojtyła (BRI).

I arrived to Bari with my friend on 11/11/2017. We entered Goldcar office and started to ask GOLDCAR employee (Miriam D.) about car insurance options. She began to explain terms of rental. It was made in very poor manner – she was speaking to fast and was visibly angry when asked about details. As soon as we refused to buy additional insurance, she got annoyed and her attitude became even worst. She was pushy, aggressive and offensive.

We had to ask several times to get printed terms of rental in English, because at first she kept telling that she has only German copy. She has not offered any help with the car, like light (it was late in the evening) and did not want to tell us where the car is. We checked the car and found a lot of scratches, so I went to the office again and asked her if series of scratches longer than five centimeters should be noted in the check-out form. She told me that only continuous scratches longer than five centimeters can be a reason to charge us at drop off – once again she did not want to leave the office and help us.

As we noticed later, she did not explain Terms and Conditions which I could find on the GOLDCAR website.

Check-in in Bari, Italy

When we came back to leave the car on 18/11/2017 we received even poorer service than described above. We were told to drive the car to the underground garage – the place was poorly lighted and we did not feel safe. Moreover, there was no sign of GOLDCAR company.

Our anxiety rose with another GOLDCAR employee’s behavior (her signature is on the check-in form). She found a series of scratches and marked them as one, longer than five centimeters. I kept asking which of the scratches she had considered as one, longer than five centimeters – she stopped answering.

When I was trying to take a photo of these scratches, she approached me and aggressively tried to take the car’s key from me while I was measuring the length of scratches and taking a photo. She insisted to delete the video presenting the length of scratches in comparison with the small pendant. She prevented me to write my version of what happened and just went to the office. Because I did want to have more safety and witnesses I called the police. When the police had come, after their intervention, she let us write our comments.

I was both shocked and disappointed to have been treated in that way and I strongly believe GOLDCAR should be aware of GOLDCAR employee’s behavior. Laziness, offense, rudeness, aggression and manipulation – from now on those characteristics I will have to associate with GOLDCAR company.

Then we got that:

Our answer

Wheel Rim Damage Charge

Unfortunately GOLDCAR did not send me a copy of picture which was taken on check-in, which would allow me to compare the length of scratches. There was no picture taken by GOLDCAR employee on check-in which could allow measuring the length of the scratch (no comparative scale). The picture presents scratches which are on the hubcap, not at a wheel rim. We measured these scratches during check-out and check-in. There were no continuous scratches which were longer than five centimeters. I had no accident with GOLDCAR car.
As far I am familiar with GOLDCAR Terms and conditions of service, only continuous scratch longer than five centimeters is taken into an account (ALLEGATO II of Terms and Conditions of service; Livelli danni, V.2015.04.IT.IT).

GOLDCAR employee tried to fraud and write on the ACCIDENT INFORMATION form about a scratch at the left front hubcap, not at a wheel rim. GOLDCAR employee did not measure that scratch. GOLDCAR employee did not mention the length/diameter in the protocol.

According to Fuel Tank Charge

When I rented the car, Ms. Miriam D (GOLDCAR employee) informed me that she would charge my credit card for fuel 11/11/2017 and I did not have to refill the car.
It is also clearly confirmed in the AGREEMENT. (Osservazioni).

Evidences presented above do not give GOLDCAR any legal authority to charge me with the mentioned costs in GOLDCAR receipt dated 20/11/2017.

Where we sent our complaint:

  • Ambasciata della Repubblica di Polonia in Italia roma.ufficio.stampa@msz.gov.pl
  • LA GAZZETTA DEL MEZZOGIORNO segreteria.redazione@gazzettamezzogiorno.it
  • Bari Airport – Michele Fortunato, Public Relations and Media Officer
  • redazione@viaggiareinpuglia.it
  • urp.quest.ba@pecps.poliziadistato.it

Were you ripped off by GOLDCAR rentals? That is what you can do!

  1. Yes, it is worthy to talk with them, they may give back some money arguing that „their system made a mistake”. However, please don`t give up!
  2. Share your story on social media with hashtag #GOLDCAR
  3. Write a juicy review on Google (on Google Maps choose the car rental where you dropped a car), Facebook, Trustpilot and Tripadvisor. Don`t forget to endorse other reviews.
  4. Make a complaint to European Commission http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
  5. Do the charback, you paid by your VISA or MasteCard, so you can do chargback. In order to do that, please contact your card issuer.
  6. Share your story with the airport management, the embassy, the departament of tourism.
  7. If you have power and money, call your lawyer.


How GOLDCAR can rip you off?

  1. During the car collection they can try to sell you super sexy stress free insurance. It is not sexy, it is not stress-free. Read T&C carefully before rental.
  2. To convince you to buy that insurance they can show you a table with charges which you are supposed to pay when you don`t take an insurance. Try to take a picture of that table. GOLDCAR employee will not allow you to take a picture because table is fake! Moreover, you will be pushed to signed that you were informed about that fake table.
  3. If you took Flex Fuel. A GOLDCAR employee can tell you that at the day of collection you will pay for fuel and logistic fees. They will charge you second also at a drop off.
  4. You can get a car with lots of scratches and dirty inside. If you don`t notice that, GOLDCAR will charge you (scratches, special cleaning).
  5. You can get also a car with low pressure in tires. After one day you have to pomp them up. If you call for help (they hope so), you will pay.
  6. If they charge you, they system can make a mistake, if you do not ask for a refund, you will not get it.
  7. GOLDCAR employee tell you that you made scratch longer than five centimeters, while he or she didn`t measure it.

Two months later …

After waiting 53 days for result of the chargeback procedure I receive a reply.

Success! I got a full refund!

Guys from mBank have been  really helpful! Thank you!

However, I do not stop at clarifying the matter. I have re-asked mBank about the actions taken to protect other clients from GOLDCAR. I am looking forward to hearing from MasterCard, though.

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  1. W Maladze nie miałem z Goldcarem żadnych problemów, więc zabookowałem u nich w Gironie i przy wpisywaniu nazwy do przeglądarki, google zaproponowało mi wyszukiwanie tych dramatycznych historii. Za tydzień przekonam się czy dołącze do grona wydymanych. Już sobie przygotowałem linijkę, latarkę czołową i epitety. Jak mnie wydymają to nie odpuszczę i zamieszczę 1000 postów za każdego centa.

    1. Słuchaj, generalnie Goldcar się opłaca jeśli masz nerwy ze stali. Ja nigdy nie zapłaciłem tak niewiele za wypożyczenie samochodu. Poczytaj opinie o Goldcar na TrustPilot. I przede wszystkim spróbuj zrobić zdjęcie słynnej tabelki z kosztem ubezpieczenia Goldcar. Zobaczysz jak zareaguje pracownik Goldcar.

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